Outstanding executives in the middle and upper management level are a decisive success factor in a highly competitive, internationally operating market environment. In order to captivate these personalities for your company and thus inspire them to make a change, a professional, structured and holistic approach to identification, approach and selection is crucial, among other things. We have aligned this process to the future realities of a highly competitive and demanding executive market with our proven deep5S method.

deep5S stands for 'division one Evidenced Executive Search Process' and combines our successfully applied executive search know-how in a structured orchestrated 5-step procedure. This process delivers outstanding results in a short time and with predictable certainty when it comes to finding the right leadership personality for your company.

With deep5S we find and inspire experienced leaders for your company who:
- understand your customers,
- accelerate your growth,
- strengthen your competitiveness,
- enrich your employer brand and
- are conducive to the corporate culture as leaders.

A high level of expertise, exceptional service and fast appointments are our quality standards in this regard. We are your partner for a value-added business relationship and understand how to act as a high-grade ambassador for your employer brand.

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  • Björn Knothe
  • Marc Hammer
  • Andreas Wittke
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  • Nicolaus von Heyden-Linden
  • Björn Knothe
  • Marc Hammer
  • Andreas Wittke
  • Viola Dilthey
  • Nico Feldmann
  • Nicolaus von Heyden-Linden
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We are happy to answer any questions you may have on this subject.

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A targeted and structured approach is based on a clear concept/vision. The 'Specify' process stage is about understanding the overall context of the vacancy to be filled. In doing so, we do not regard the isolated vacancy, but consider your corporate vision and mission and the added value our staffing can contribute to them. The core element is our methodical position intake, which we have continued to refine over the past decade. In the process, we clarify among others the following questions:

  • Where do you want to be as a company in 5-10 years?
  • What specific role will this result in for your intended manager?
  • What talents, skills and experience does your company need - today and in the future?
  • What challenges does the executive need to overcome?
  • What kind of character is necessary to fill this role in the best possible way?

Only when these and numerous other questions have been comprehensively clarified, a clear shared perspective, that enables targeted profiling.


Once the analysis phase is complete, the strategy development phase follows, which we call 'Strategise'. It is crucial to the success of a search, as we translate all the elements from the position intake into a search and approach strategy:

  • How can we successfully approach the identified executives?
  • Where do we find your target person?
  • Which staffing strategy is ideal and what is the appropriate time and project plan?
  • etc.

This step-by-step planning, which is carried out in close coordination with you, forms the basis for sophisticated and result-oriented recruiting. In this way, we optimize the chances of success and create numerous positive impressions during the candidate journey, which continue on even after the project has been completed.


The Select phase incorporates for one thing the selection and presentation of the most auspicious candidates and the competent support during the interviews and staffing steps on the other hand. Our focus lies on the following measures:

  • We manage the application process and accompany all interviews personally and professionally. In this way, we can provide comprehensive support to both sides and ensure that no ambiguities remain, or questions are left unanswered.
  • With our tried-and-tested division one candidate journey elements, we ensure a consistently positive experience on the candidate side. This process conveys security through comprehensive information, transparency and professionalism, thus increasing the likelihood of a contract being signed
  • After the interviews, we advise you on the best possible final candidate selection, support you with our expertise in drafting contracts, and accompany you through all issues up to the successful filling of the position.
  • We conduct an in-depth and scientifically evaluated personality test among the final candidates to verify a sustainable character fit to your company.

With the completion of the 4th step, the appointment of your vacancy is completed, but not our support. The subsequent Secure phase ensures the long-term success of all measures taken.


As part of the Secure phase, we provide support to our candidates until the end of the probationary period, ensuring that your manager quickly settles into his or her new area of responsibility and optimally fulfills the related tasks. In doing so, we focus on the following areas:

  • Maintaining contact in the pre-boarding phase (during the notice period) ensures a further emotionalizing and retainment of candidates
  • We accompany the onboarding process on both sides and are in regular contact with you and your new manager.
  • We conduct a survey among all parties involved as part of our quality assurance process
  • We offer optional onboarding coaching, which boosts the performance of your new corporate member even faster and increases employee loyalty.

Our actions are shaped according to our motto "We create careers and develop companies". We want to create not only satisfied clients and candidates, but enthusiastic brand enthusiast.

Success features

Established Brand
Business partners benefit from a well-established brand in the market, that has grown over 11 years, as well as multiple awards from major industry awards
Unique service portfolio
Business partners benefit from a unique 360-degree consulting approach consisting of executive search, interim management and HR consulting from a single source
Excellent research
Business partners benefit from an optimally attuned internal research team that precisely identifies the best management personalities on the market
Well-established processes
Business partners benefit from lean, perfectly attuned processes that guarantee fast and reliable staffing
Close business relationships
Business partners benefit from long-term relationships with outstanding interim managers and an excellent pool of candidates
Exclusive network
Business partners benefit from 50 partner offices in 40 countries within our global ENEX organization, with consistent quality standards.
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Consulting approach


The battle for the ranks of top managers requires a spirit of innovation. Those who seek excellence must also deliver excellence and stand out from the crowd. Unconventional ways to direct approach paired with sincere appreciation are our benchmark.


Appreciation towards our customers and clients means to particularly work in a resource-efficient way. Time is not only money, but also a critical factor for success. Active listening enables a fast, target-oriented service performance, which has a lasting effect.

Extra mile

Success means perseverance. The willingness to give one percent more every day is deeply rooted in our corporate philosophy. A team of highly dedicated consultants, industry experts and researchers enables a culture of excellence

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