Those who resign are traitors


Those who resign are traitors. This attitude still prevails in some companies and targets employees who quit their jobs. The reasons for splitting up, however, usually differ a lot …

Once an experienced employee resigns, an executive or a partner generally steps in to gain detailed insights into the reasons for the resignation. “In our company, there is no special program for this,” BMW manager Jela Götting says. Björn Knothe, personnel consultant and CEO of division one, explains such resignations as follows: “A connection usually exists via social networks such as Xing or Linked-In.” However, if the exit management, a term used by personnel specialists to refer to contact management, is professionally conducted during the resignation process, chances of a later continuation of the cooperation with a former employer rise. Especially during times of near full employment, the necessity to lure deserved employees back to the company after several years may arise. “If the farewell was altogether pleasant, the chances for this are certainly increased,” Knothe says. (Read more - only available in German)

Source: F.A.Z. / 11.07.2017/ "Offene Türen für Rückkehrer" von Oliver Schmale)

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