division one's mission statement was created in 2014 in intensive cooperation between management and all employees. The resulting vision serves as our orientation on the path to your success and is both the starting and crystallization point for our goals. Our mission is the core of the mission statement and describes who we are and what we do to achieve our vision. Thereof division one derives values, that shape our behaviour and dealings with others.

division one Vision

As a market-shaping company, our know-how makes us the strategic partner for our customers. We bring together the best key players regionally and internationally.

division one Mission

  • We create a culture of excellence.

  • We convince through our communication: direct, transparent, constant.

  • We crate longstanding and trusting relationships with our partners.

  • We secure our clients' sustainability.

  • We are a socially dedicated company and actively assume our responsibility towards our employees, the society and environment.

division one Values

The division one values shape our behavior and dealings with others.