Let's suppose that suddenly and unexpectedly, a top manager in your company is absent. Major ongoing projects have to be implemented in a timely manner, but no one else in the company has the necessary know-how. In this case of bridging a gap an Interim Manager provides fast and professional help. A modern corporate management team rarely gets by without Interim Management: whether during consolidation, reorganization, restructuring, controlling, process optimization or income growth – Interim Managers are now an integral part of a globally oriented economy, which must respond rapidly to daily changes. Interim Managers are always placed for only a limited time. As an external person, they are neutral and non-political towards internal topics and thus a trusted entity. Because of their objectivity, clear tasks and their years of experience they deliver targeted and reliable results. The main advantage is the immediate availability of management expertise. Our focus lies on middle and upper management levels.


Services division one


Interim Management is a modern approach that allows for a quick and flexible reaction to changing market and business situations. division one seeks out candidates that can tackle any challenge you may face.


Companies that work with division one will use a variety of managers and specialists whose elite are characterized by above-average technical skills as well as independence and responsibility in particular. For you and your company, division one will identify the best in the market. 


Our industry focus is represented by our three Practice Groups:“Automotive”, “Industrial” and “Technology”. Depending on the placement request,  division one offers the required industry and recruitment expertise for your individual solution.