Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment



Together with you we identify necessary change measures and accompany
you toward your goal of filling every position with the right person.




Goals and Applications:

  • Minimizing the risk of staffing mistakes
  • In-house recruiting: designing a transparent process that is comprehensible for applicants
  • Insights into an employee‘s strengths and development areas with regard to the requirement profile
  • Management audit
  • As a basis for targeted personnel development measures





Phase 1: Clarifying the Requirement Profile and the Process:

  • Creating an understanding of the future employee’s role and intended behavior with respect to corporate culture and the organization’s strategic orientation
  • Allocation of suitable competences
  • Developing the requirement profile


Phase 2: Designing the Individual Assessment

The Assessment is developed and tailored to your needs. In various simulation exercises, interviews and test procedures, participants are to demonstrate required
conduct relevant to the job.


Phase 3: Assessment Implementation

The assessment day is prepared and supervised by an experienced assessor, who is supported during role plays, if necessary.


Phase 4: Report

The final report is based on the observations that were surveyed on the assessment day. The following points are contained:

  • A summary of the observations
  • The candidates‘ strengths and development areas with regard to the applied competence model and the intended behavior
  • Reference: A positive or negative reference concerning a candidate’s suitability for the position