A meeting yet again?


Meetings are part of daily business in companies. Sometimes, however, they drag on and thus become real time-eaters...

Björn Knothe, CEO of the personnel consultancy division one, is aware of further reasons why the motivation of many employees to participate in meetings is rather low: because no exchange at eye-level takes place. After all, passive lectures lead to inattentiveness and boredom.

 Freqently, participants are either deprived of the meeting‘s results or they are neither challenged nor actively involved. According to Knothe, the following factor also leads to an unsatisfactory outcome of meetings: „Often, meetings take place in the middle of the day and thus detain employees from work.”

Read more: Schon wieder Besprechung (available only in German).

Author / Source: Oliver Schmale, Wirtschaftszeitung Baden-Württemberg No. 6-2018

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