Farewell Time Clock – the “NEW WORK“ Trend in German Industry


"New Work" is the keyword for work that goes beyond rigid provisions of time and place, which has become a general trend in the German industry. Björn Knothe, CEO of the Stuttgart-based personnel consultancy division one, on the trend in time working models: "The trend in time working models is increasingly toward further flexibility. 

An article from Bernd Freytag, Ulrich Friese & Oliver Schmale

This gives employees the opportunity to work from home and, therefore, often save on long journeys – a small improvement of the quality of life that raises the attractiveness of a workplace. To be able to work even more flexibly, however, the government needs to adjust labor laws. The overnight work break of 11 hours that is still valid today does not work out when I wish to distribute my work day. Working late and starting early is not possible. Nevertheless, I am convinced that social partners and the state will find solutions for this in the years ahead." 

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Author / Source: Bernd Freytag, Ulrich Friese and Oliver Schmale, FAZ No.149 / 1st July 2018

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