The positive trend of recent years in interim management in Germany continues. Until the end of 2019, the fee volume will exceed the 2 Billion Euros mark for the first time. This is a new milestone in interim management’s development in Germany ...

Interim managers are as sought-after as never before in Germany, as a current survey among members, associated interim management providers and societies of leading branch representatives for professional interim management shows. In 2018, the interim managers‘ workload exceeded the forecast at the start of that year. Last year, interim managers spent an average of 172.3 days in mandates, which means that they were almost working to capacity. According to the forecast, the interim business expects a comparably high workload in the current year. The tendency shows that daily rates are rising. Here, respondents expect an average rise from 1.142 Euros to 1.175 Euros in 2019. The respondents are also convinced that the number of interim managers will increase slightly in 2019. In total, the industry is expected to surpass the historical mark of 2 Billion Euros of fee volume this year.

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