More and more companies seek external support, for instance from personnel consultancies like division one. Such consultancy mandates are not just restricted to finding the right applicant for a specific position. The staffing experts see it as their task to prepare the respective company for the new world of work...

To achieve this, division one draws on experiences and insights resulting from the cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (IAO, Fraunhofer Institute for Work Management and Organization) in Stuttgart. As patron of the innovation network “Produktionsarbeit 4.0” (automated & digitized production work) of the Fraunhofer IAO, division one researches and develops change management processes, for instance, in order to prepare companies better for current and upcoming challenges in recruiting.

In some companies, onboarding, a new employee’s integration phase into the novel work environment, is partially assigned to intelligent, automated bots. These lead an employee through certain process phases just like chatboots do within an online shop. Digital instruments such as automated personnel research based on artificial intelligence are already in use in some personnel consultancy firms. division one is one of them. Especially for very specific search profiles, the use of AI opens up opportunities that traditional tools are unable to offer.

Christoph Stichel, Managing Partner der Personalberatung Division One

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Source: SCOPE online - Andreas Mühlbauer, 

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