Not every PhD receives a gold plating


Does a PhD still pay off for employees, or is it simply a decorative attachment? Probably all interested doctoral students need to ask themselves this question...

Sometimes, a PhD yields benefits. In some professions, a PhD can lead to a considerable wage difference. In other professions, a PhD is a mere decorative attachment. Whether attaining such a title pays off in the end is something everybody needs to decide for themselves. Ferdinand Graf von Bissingen of division one, a personnel consultancy based in Stuttgart, puts it like this: “Previously, having a higher degree meant receiving a higher starting salary. Today, companies are struggling with paying higher wages to doctoral degree holders.” In his experience, the additional academic work is time-consuming, takes patience and sufficient financial reserves for writing a doctoral thesis.

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Author / Source: Oliver Schmale, Wirtschaftszeitung Baden-Württemberg No. 5-2018

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