Things could speed up a bit


Digitization does not only radically change our work routine, it also alters personnel research...


Christoph Stichel, managing partner at the personnel consultancy division one, is an expert in the industry field, and knows the challenges recruiting needs to face.

SCOPE: How do personnel consultancies such as yours react to the changed requirements for companies?

Stichel: We as personnel recruitment service providers are also faced with changing requirements and working methods. Our consulting service becomes more and more specific and individual. We discuss several decision-relevant factors with candidates and companies. We turn more into moderators, which allows us to precisely match companies’ requirements with candidates’ skills and expectations. Our primary business at division one is the placement of managers. Here, companies are quite willing to pay for staffing services. This makes things a little easier. Digitization is establishing in our line of business as well: in future, researching suitable candidates will increasingly depend on the use of innovative technologies. In my opinion, especially we as a personnel consultancy are called upon to not only keep up with the times, but rather to think ahead. This is not new to us, but constitutes part of our DNA.

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Source: Magazin SCOPE 10/2018

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