Leadership development

The working world is in a state of upheaval. It is fast, direct, transparent and participative. One's own idea may already be successfully implemented by the competition tomorrow. A product may have disappeared before it was even on the market. Attracting good employees is becoming more difficult. Retaining them is becoming more important.

Upheavals in society and new processes in the economy are leading to fundamental changes in the working world. Among other things, this is leading to a significant increase in the demands placed on managers and to leadership skills becoming highly visible within the company. In view of this situation, the question arises as to what kind of managers and employees companies need now and in future.

The current generation of managers has mainly been concerned with growth strategies and cost-efficient, international value chains. In the future, however, we will need crisis and remote managers, who can not only restructure but also build. Charismatic leaders are needed who are trusted by employees and who can put together high-performing teams. They must be able to act in ambiguity and deal with uncertainty. Through their pragmatism, they can generate quick results with little information. They act transparently for everyone and exemplify (personal) responsibility