Successfully adjusting the size of the workforce in line with corporate strategy is one of the most challenging management tasks. Its complexity results from the requirements and interactions of the individual stakeholders, especially if this is associated with savings in personnel costs and staff reduction measures.

Many tasks have to be mastered in such a process: from the definition of the affected employees, to negotiations with employee representatives, the drafting of termination agreements and severance arrangements, to the simultaneous development of future competencies.

The quality of the separation management is crucial for its successful outcome. Leadership culture, process reliability and appreciation are increasingly in focus during such a corporate phase. Successful separation management aims at the full satisfaction of all parties involved and in addition saves the company financial losses and the corresponding loss of image.

We advise and support our clients' executives during such a phase of change. Target-oriented planning and implementation, the consideration of opportunities and risks as well as the creation of an individual internal and external communication strategy are part of our portfolio of measures. We design the essential process flows, train the acting management and make sure that affected employees are supported.

Our separation management model aims for maximum satisfaction of all parties involved, taking into account profitability as well as the culture, image and performance of the company. division one's broad experience from numerous successfully supported separation and retention programs, gives our clients the security to successfully master difficult phases, such as a workforce reduction.

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A successful separation is perceived as fair and professional by all parties involved and is enforced without noise and as little grievance as possible - regardless of whether it is a major structural measure or an individual case. division one advises and accompanies you in the decisive areas surrounding a successful separation.

Our team of experienced experts specializes in advising and supporting complex transformation processes. For this purpose, we have developed a proven concept and an associated separation process to enable management teams to cope with such a complex task. Particular attention is paid to achieving the following goals:

  • Maintain the future viability of the company
  • Increase the productivity and profitability of the company
  • Fulfill the transformation goals
  • Identify, retain and build future competencies
  • Increase the flexibility of the organization
  • Create agile and customer-centric structures

These goals are achieved with our structured transformation process tailored to the customer's requirements.

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