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Top executives are both rare and sought-after. They enjoy an outstanding reputation, bear a high degree of responsibility and receive a first-class salary. Their challenge is not only to continuously deliver top performance in their job, but also to achieve the best possible balance between it and their private life.

The good news is that such special managerial personalities are rarely born, but go through continuous evolutionary stages of professional and personal development. Over decades, they gain experience and know-how through learning by doing, acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge, and practicing continuous self-reflection. Furthermore, they seek competent support to design and achieve their goals even faster.

With division one's one.excellence.leader program, your professional reorientation or the next career step is within reach. We analyze your status quo in detail, develop and create your individual executive profile and the corresponding executive map together with you, and accompany you for up to one year through every step necessary for advancement to the next higher management function in your defined focus. In addition, you will benefit from the opportunities offered by our exclusive global client network.


Holistic Advisory Model

Personality - Privacy - Career

Lasting success requires a firm basis. This consists of a holistic thinking, planning and acting on the following 3 levels:

  • Personality: Your character, your personality & your mindset
  • Privacy: The interaction between you & your environment
  • Career: Your thinking & acting as a leader

In the evaluation and exploitation of the possibilities of each of these levels, as well as in their optimal interaction, lies the potential that not only opens up unique career opportunities, but also enables a harmonious and balanced way of life. In this way, successes can be secured and enjoyed over the long term, and the journey between top successes is as fulfilling as their achievement.

The Key to Bliss

Inspiration, Passion, new Perspective

Top executives are valued and often admired. Yet they are usually no happier or more fulfilled than other personalities. This is often because they have followed predefined paths, making compromises that run counter to their personal needs and ideas in the long term. We repeatedly notice that awareness of the needs and desires of a professional and private life in harmony often has to be meticulously worked out in order to permanently establish continuous flow states in a new professional role.

The one.excellence.leader program offers you concrete perspectives, increases your inner satisfaction in the long term and at the same time puts it on a sound footing.

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Individual approach

You as a person and individual with your private, personal and professional interests are the focus of our attention.

One Face to the Manager

Your personal consultant will be on the same professional level as you, acting as your sparring partner and guiding you step by step through the initiation & application process.

Holistic perspective

With you, we identify your deep-seated growth potentials as well as those obstacles that slow you down in the long term, and find solutions that optimally incorporate both

Structured Advisory Model

We follow clear guidelines in our consulting, employ mature processes and use established diagnostic tools. In this way, we ensure that all success factors are optimally illuminated and cultivated.

Matching growth impulses

We get to know you and your environment comprehensively, analyze your current situation as well as your individual development options and show you exactly the possibilities and paths that will enable you to take the "one next step".

Competent guidance

After your Executive Profile and Executive Map have been created, we accompany you competently and tactfully over a period of up to 12 months.

Top Career Placement

Our search team selects and identifies the top position for you that is the perfect fit. In doing so, you have access to our excellent national and global customer network as well as to the hidden job market in your field.

Excellence Connections

You will have access to our comprehensive network of experts, who will provide long-term, targeted support for your personal and professional development.

Long Term Strategy (optional)

After you have taken on your new professional role, we will support you for another 24 months with tailored consulting and service modules that will accompany you in the successful development of your career and continue to focus on the human factor - with the perspectives "Personality" and "Privacy".

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