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A new quality standard has taken hold in the supervisory and advisory board levels: The appointment of supervisory board members through personal networks, promotion from the board of directors or nomination according to the greatest possible public representation is increasingly giving way to the reflection on the necessity of professional qualifications and the actual function of this body: control of the board of directors, auditing of the consolidated and annual financial statements as well as strategic support of the board of directors and the management.

An effective supervisory board culture in companies is indispensable for economic success. division one's business unit Non-Executive Directors creates a platform for the appointment of supervisory board members - with unique benefits for both parties. Through our extensive international network, we are able to find the ideal candidate for your board.

Independence and know-how, integrity and a sence of responsibility, control over a socially acceptable level of board remuneration and bonus payments, the recognition and avoidance of seemingly rewarding short-term decisions that may be damaging to the company in the long term, and the resulting ability for far-sighted planning beyond quarterly thinking - this is what the supervisory board of the 21st century looks like. We are happy to advise you on the implementation of modern board and management structures and the search for efficient and professional non-executive directors.

division one Non-Executive Directors is the condensation of all these demands into one platform consisting of a network, pool and advisor at the same time. We find the right candidates - capable, reliable and true to our motto: WE BUILD CAREERS & DEVELOP COMPANIES.


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