Intro: Mission

Our Vision

Tomorrow's Leaders,

Our mission

Pioneering leadership solutions for your successful business of tomorrow

As your dedicated partner in executive search, we work towards your mission, relentlessly seeking the best fit for all types of leadership positions, whether permanent, interim, or advisory. Driven by passion for clients and candidates , we innovate and simplify the executive search and development process. We set high standards, attracting and fostering the best talent and ensuring they are ready to drive your business success.We deliver quality results in a focused and timley manner. Recognizing our wider responsibility in shaping the future economy , we strive to be better every day.

Our values

enthusiasm for top performance

For us, excellence is the motivation to inspire our customers, candidates and colleagues every day a new, and the determination to deliver top performance. We set trends, break new ground and leave our unmistakable mark on every project. Our professionalism sets standards so each of us makes the decisive difference.

shaping progress

The future is being written today. We shape progress through targeted education and training and continuous innovation . Our future orientation is not just an attitude, but the common thread that runs through our work and our consulting portfolio. We set the standards for tomorrow.

elevating people, embracing social responsibility

For us, the focus is on the individual. Through mutual respect and sincere loyalty, we create an environment in which individuality is valued. Whether customer, candidate or colleague -through constructive cooperation and support we enable personal and professional growth. Our corporate culture is characterized by team orientation and encounters at eye level. We actively assume responsibility for our company, our customers, candidates and colleagues.

honesty and character

Integrity is the foundation of our corporate philosophy. Transparency and clarity are a matter of course and shape our character. We act respectfully, honestly as well as ethically and pride ourselves on being role models. Our loyalty is to our clients, candidates, colleagues, partners and our mission.

efficient and profitable

For us, profitability means acting with sense and reason and always keeping an eye on the profitability of the company. Internally and externally, we use resources responsibly. Our effectiveness and efficiency are also reflected in the development of the company's value and future viability.

"For us, this vision, mission and these values mean more than just words on paper. They are our promise to you - our clients, candidates and colleagues. They are the reason why we get up every day and work passionately on our mission. Together we are writing the next success story. Welcome to our journey into the future."

Björn Knothe - CEO of division one


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