Artificial Intelligence or people business

Intro: Artificial Intelligence or people business


Stuttgart, Germany, March 21, 2019. division one, one of the leading personnel consultancies for executive search and interim management in Germany, watches the technological evolution carefully and intensively tests digital tools during recruitment. The experts are convinced that particularly filling positions on the top level will stay a people business. Christoph Stichel, managing director of division one, talks about the potential of these tools, and explains at what point in executive search their application makes sense.


Artificial Intelligence Has Potential

The executive search experts see huge potential in using artificial intelligence. Stichel, however, is certain: “There is a surge of new tools that enter the market. Their efficiency remains to be seen. And up to now, they are not truly in use in any personnel consultancy. The risk of overlooking rather than finding many interesting candidates is still simply too high. HR consulting is a people business. Bots or AI will not fill positions and assign tasks with great human responsibility.”


Recruiting Leaders Is a Personal Matter

“Using digital tools is justified in certain areas of HR management. In times of lacking leaders and specialists, however, they are not the magic bullet for finding suitable candidates to fill vacancies more quickly,” Christoph Stichel explains. At division one, we do not fill positions, but rather bring real personalities and companies together, especially in executive search mandates. Algorithms cannot and will not be able to accomplish this, even in the future.” Communication and feedback, experience and intuition are keys to success in personnel consulting. Digital tools are suitable aids.


The division one “Digital Toolbox”

In the public awareness, digital recruiting tools are almost exclusively focused on data-based selection and analysis procedures. In practice, digital tools embrace far more areas. Interactive video and presentation formats are crucial to the division one digital toolbox. Be it job advertisements via video, be it candidate approach, conducting interviews, or even the conclusion of contracts – here, digital technologies deliver real added values. Christoph Stichel says: “We apply them to make our process more personal and individual, even over spatial and temporal distances.”

Stichel continues: “In principle, this way of applying digital tools is the exact opposite of a candidate analysis that searches for patterns. We apply interactive formats in different phases of the recruitment process, always adapted to the needs of searching companies and candidates.” division one assures the professional quality of the video presentations and assists in their creation.


When Dealing with Large Data Volumes, Automation Makes Sense

Making tendering and recruiting procedures more efficient through digitized and mostly automated processes is one of digitization’s big promises. By now, such digital recruiting and selection tools are often applied when standardized search algorithms help in sorting out applications that have little resemblance with the defined profile. In the HR department of large companies, their application makes sense. Moreover, large job portals and business networks offer very detailed search options.

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