Fire Department on the executive floor

Intro: Fire Department on the executive floor

interim management

The German Press Agency (dpa) reported on the topic of Interim Managers under the title "Fire Department on the executive floor".

Such fire-fighting operations are the norm. "The deployment usually begins immediately and will almost never take place at the place of residence," says Björn Knothe, CEO of the Stuttgart Manager Placement firm division one. "Interim Management is a philosophy of life. Most of these managers no longer want a line career." Interim Management is still a relatively young profession. In the mid-90s, when Willy von Becker, who is 51 years of age today, had his first placement as a controller at a medium-sized manufacturing company, nobody knew what to do with it. "Back then, the job description of an Interim Manager did not yet exist and it was difficult to convey this job to others."


Klick here to read the full report - Example Aachener Zeitung (avalable only in German).

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