Great Place to Work 2023!

Intro: Great Place to Work 2023!

Great Place to Work 2023!

division one is among the best employers in Germany and has won the "Great Place to Work 2023" award. This is a great achievement and shows what excellent working conditions division one offers and the importance it places on the well-being of its employees.

A company is not only defined by its products or services, but also by its employees. They are the backbone of the company, shape it and make it successful. It is therefore important to us that our employees are happy and satisfied so that they can realize their full potential. At our company, well-being is one of our top priorities. We offer a modern and pleasant working atmosphere and ensure that our employees feel valued and respected. Identification with us and our actions is "key" here.

Another important component that makes us an attractive place to work is our investment in the personal and professional development of our colleagues. We offer a wide range of training and development programs to ensure that everyone stays up to date and has the best environment for their development. We do not want stagnation, only permanent development can be our goal.

Learning from each other, open exchange, promoting ideas, pursuing creative solutions are just a few measures for the positive working environment and the division one spirit.

In summary: division one & "Great Place to Work" simply belong together! The investment in our colleagues, a positive work environment and a strong work culture come together here.

THANK YOU to all colleagues, team members, employees, friends, for this award and your vote!

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