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Intro: Waiblinger finds the right bosses

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Interim Managers are in demand in the global market / Björn Knothe is a much sought after HR consultant.

Interim Managers are restless creatures. They don’t have an employer; they have clients. These clients send them to companies in order to take over management duties for a certain period of time. One is reminded of George Clooney and his role in the Hollywood blockbuster "Up in the Air". Here, on behalf of company bosses all over the world, the actor is a short-term superior and dismisses employees in exchange for money. He does so totally unmoved by his actions since he doesn’t have any personal attachment to the staff. Björn Knothe knows about this image, but says that it was distorted. He rarely encounters this sort of manager. "Of course, Interim Managers are a special type of person," he determines. "One has to want to be constantly faced with new challenges, having to constantly prove oneself." In the end, an entity does not reward ruthlessness, but the "overall experience" of an Interim Manager.

(Source: Waiblinger Kreiszeitung/ 04.03.2015 / Issue No. 52 from Uwe Roth)

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