Interim Managers – No Thought Wasted on Retirement

Intro: Interim Managers – No Thought Wasted on Retirement

Interim Manager

Retiring at the age of 63 is currently inconceivable for many. Today, Michal Lanik has turned 68. However, he is still working as a restructuring specialist and interim manager every day. The well-experienced manager and CRO cooperates with division one, a recruitment provider from Stuttgart, Germany. At the moment, Mr. Lanik is involved in a restructuring project at a mechanical engineering company. “I usually know many of the situations that may arise in a company,” Lanik says. “Most of the time, I know after the first meeting which direction to steer in. In such cases, expertise is important, but usually falls short.” Rob Spaans, 67 years old, is another interim manager who does not yet waste any thought on retiring. Read more (available only in German).


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