Personal Positioning – This is how you develop your own brand

Intro: Personal Positioning – This is how you develop your own brand

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Having an own brand is a crucial factor in your aim to stand out from the crowd, to become more visible than your competitors, to attract desired potential customers and to achieve higher prices and fees – be it online or offline. In order to attain these, it is necessary to find a unique position in line with market conditions. Well-defined objectives and a suitable strategy are also important. Equally significant: implementing the necessary steps and measures consistently to reach your goal.

In order to shed light on this topic, the DDIM.regional // Baden-Württemberg has invited Torsten Koerting – as a project manager as well as an interim manager, Mr. Koerting has focused strictly on turnaround projects and accordingly on projects that have run into difficulties. At the same time, he has worked intensely at positioning himself as an expert in public and on the media.


(Picture: Max Kovalenko)

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