Why quit? Interim Managers Past the Age of 67

Intro: Why quit? Interim Managers Past the Age of 67

Rob Spaans is 67 years old. While many fellow managers of his age enjoy retirement on the golf course or in a sailing boat, the Dutchman takes care of the maritime and air transportation business of ITG, a German transport company. At the company locations in Amsterdam-Schiphol and Rotterdam, Mr. Spaans bears the responsibility for 70 employees. In many companies, however, a manager’s career usually ends at the age of 60. Is Spaans unable to let go? "Why should he do that?" Björn Knothe, CEO of division one, a recruitment provider from Stuttgart, Germany, asks. “Today, many executives past 60 are in a good physical shape and possess a maximum of experience,” Knothe explains. Michael Lanik can acknowledge this. Mr. Lanik is an interim manager of 68 years who also cooperates with division one. At the moment, he acts as the CRO of a medium-sized mechanical engineering company.

(Source: IHK Magazin / November / from Walter Beck)

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