Consumer goods and retail companies need high-performing leaders, who can address the strategic issues of the consumer market. This includes: the increasing demand for fair trade, functional food as well as sustainable chains of production. Consumers are increasingly aware but also more price-sensitive and show less brand loyalty. Future-oriented leaders must detect growth opportunities, withstand increasing margin pressure from price transparency, utilize the increasing complexity of distribution channels, establish lean operating models and safely lead the organisation through restructuring, merger or an acquisition.

We identify these top talents with the clear objective of bringing competitive advantage to your business. Special attention is paid to internationality as well as intercultural competencies in order to optimally support your expansion plans in growth markets. Our global network guarantees an efficient search process according to german quality standards paired with the country-specific know-how of the partner dependencies.


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  • Björn Knothe
  • Fabian Sommerkamp
  • Björn Knothe
  • Fabian Sommerkamp
Consumer Markets Team

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