The stakeholders in the energy sector are facing drastic changes: The transformation from nuclear and fossil energy production to renewable energy sources, combined with the massive overcapacity in the personnel sector, pose major challenges for energy producers. In addition, traditional markets are disappearing for manufacturers such as plant builders, system suppliers and component manufacturers. In response to the reorientation towards price wars, the cost pressure is increasing. In addition, service providers are increasingly confronted with the internationalisation of the industry.

We have an exclusive network of excellent experts at management level, who can meet these challenges and lead your company through the transformation in an opportunity-oriented manner. Our 360-degree solution portfolio of executive search, interim management, HR consulting and non-executive directors, allows for a maximum benefit-oriented consulting aproach aiming for your company's success - 50 partner offices in 40 countries are available to you for this purpose.

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  • Björn Knothe
  • Björn Knothe
Energy Team

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