The financial services sector is undergoing a dramatic change that requires outstanding leaders. Government regulation in times of economic as well as geopolitical uncertainty, lower interest rates, high equity costs, changing client needs, lower returns in investment banking and disruptive business models require top managers with broad areas of expertise. However, the best minds are fiercely competed for.

Our globally positioned network, our specialist expertise in the field of finance and banking as well as our profound knowledge of the segmentation of the financial market guarantee you custom-fit personnel solutions. We identify agile executives for you with a competence focus on strategy development, governance, revenue growth, cost efficiency, change management, team-oriented cooperation as well as technological affinity for the future viability of your company.

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  • Björn Knothe
  • Fabian Sommerkamp
  • Björn Knothe
  • Fabian Sommerkamp
Financial Services Team

We are happy to answer any questions you may have on this subject.

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