Public institutions are currently facing similar challenges as many private companies: They are relying more and more on new technologies and big data in order to meet the pressure to increase efficiency and the rising expectations of customers and politics. At the same time, the public sector is in the focus of public opinion and has to deal with bureaucratic hurdles and legal requirements.

Accordingly, managers are confronted with new questions in this tense environment: How can digitalisation be used to make services more efficient and transparent? How must leadership change amidst new ways of digital working? As a boutique HR consultancy, we work hand in hand with organizations and representatives of the public sector and implement the objectives in terms of system of values through custom-fit HR solutions.

Do you have any questions on this subject? We would be happy to help.

  • Björn Knothe
  • Björn Knothe
Public Sector Team

We are happy to answer any questions you may have on this subject.

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