Intro: Diagnostics

Driving Forces with Vision

Leaders are the backbone of any organization, the architects of strategy and the promoters of vision. Their skills and competencies are the driving force behind a company's success and influence almost every aspect of corporate life, from corporate culture to the implementation of business strategies. In short, they are the heart, that drives the engine of corporate success. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to have the appropriate leaders, who align with their culture and strategy.

Aptitude Diagnostics with a fine Touch

This is where aptitude diagnostics comes in - a tool that not only serves as a guide through the complex terrain of executive search, in order to identify qualifications and experience. Moreover, it is an in-depth process designed to understand and assess the core competencies and potential of individuals. It provides a scientifically sound basis for ensuring that the right managers are brought on board (Assessment Center), that development needs are identified and accordingly supported (Development Center), and that regularly reviews the fit between managers and positions relevant to success (Management Audit). This is critical to increasing efficiency, driving productivity, and ultimately ensuring business success.

The Key to Success

Aptitude diagnostics is not a luxury, but a necessary part of any forward-thinking organization. It is the key not only to finding and retaining the best talent, but also to creating a work environment that fosters innovation, efficiency and satisfaction.

Design of the Aptitude - How do we do it?

In a world of constant change and growing challenges, we offer specialized services such as assessment centers, development centers, and management audits – customized and of high quality:


Assessment Center: Effective Management Selection

division one’s customized Assessment Centre specifically selects and evaluates potential managers. It combines various methods to assess skills relevant to success in line with the specific requirements of the company. The goal is to identify the ideal candidate for the open position and the company, minimizing the risk of incorrect appointments and enabling sustainable staffing.

Development Center: Targeted Management Development

division one's Development Centre focuses specifically on the development of managers. It identifies individual strengths, potential and development areas to create customized development plans. The goal is to provide constructive feedback and clear development opportunities. Ideal for companies that want to invest in the development of their managers. Benefits include improved quality and efficiency of personnel decisions, a performance-oriented culture, and increased employee retention.

Management Audit: Customized Analysis for Top Executives

division one's Management Audit focuses on the assessment and development of top managers. It examines whether managers' skills are aligned with the company's strategic direction and goals. Motivation: To assess the managers fit with their current positions and, if necessary, to create individual development plans. Particularly suitable for companies undergoing a change in strategic direction or culture, or willing to address challenges in the management team. Benefits include clear insight into managerial fit and development potential, harmony within the management team, and a strong focus on business objectives.

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