As an internationally active boutique HR consultancy, we offer our clients individually tailored HR solutions for the decision-maker levels of our renowned clients. An essence of our consulting approach: We always meet business partners at eye level, listen carefully and tailor our processes and methods to the client's situation. Additionally our experienced consultants contribute their high degree of expertise from our industry focus areas. For this reason, we precisely understand our clients target group as well as their perameters and create strategic partnerships and sustainable corporate value.


Disruption and new mobility options are currently the two leading motives in the globally positioned automotive sector. Alternative powertrains, technological revolutions, digitalisation and smart mobility, through autonomous as well as connected vehicles, are shaking up the industry more than ever. In addition, customer-specific requirements have to be met in one of the fastest-moving and most competitive markets. As an international boutique recruitment consultancy, it is our aspiration to fill top management positions with outstanding candidates.

Hence our first-class network includes industry experts who manage disruption and confidently shape industry change. Further the high technical and operational complexity requires new, innovative approaches. These changes in the strategic environment require executives and specialists to have a wide range of know-how and skill sets adapted to market conditions. Responsible leadership, sustainable international networking as well as steady forward progress in the tough competitive environment of a global market, are the order of the day.

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Consumer Markets

Consumer goods and retail companies need high-performing leaders, who can address the strategic issues of the consumer market. This includes: the increasing demand for fair trade, functional food as well as sustainable chains of production. Consumers are increasingly aware but also more price-sensitive and show less brand loyalty. Future-oriented leaders must detect growth opportunities, withstand increasing margin pressure from price transparency, utilize the increasing complexity of distribution channels, establish lean operating models and safely lead the organisation through restructuring, merger or an acquisition.

We identify these top talents with the clear objective of bringing competitive advantage to your business. Special attention is paid to internationality as well as intercultural competencies in order to optimally support your expansion plans in growth markets. Our global network guarantees an efficient search process according to german quality standards paired with the country-specific know-how of the partner dependencies.


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The stakeholders in the energy sector are facing drastic changes: The transformation from nuclear and fossil energy production to renewable energy sources, combined with the massive overcapacity in the personnel sector, pose major challenges for energy producers. In addition, traditional markets are disappearing for manufacturers such as plant builders, system suppliers and component manufacturers. In response to the reorientation towards price wars, the cost pressure is increasing. In addition, service providers are increasingly confronted with the internationalisation of the industry.

We have an exclusive network of excellent experts at management level, who can meet these challenges and lead your company through the transformation in an opportunity-oriented manner. Our 360-degree solution portfolio of executive search, interim management, HR consulting and non-executive directors, allows for a maximum benefit-oriented consulting aproach aiming for your company's success - 50 partner offices in 40 countries are available to you for this purpose.

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Financial Services

The financial services sector is undergoing a dramatic change that requires outstanding leaders. Government regulation in times of economic as well as geopolitical uncertainty, lower interest rates, high equity costs, changing client needs, lower returns in investment banking and disruptive business models require top managers with broad areas of expertise. However, the best minds are fiercely competed for.

Our globally positioned network, our specialist expertise in the field of finance and banking as well as our profound knowledge of the segmentation of the financial market guarantee you custom-fit personnel solutions. We identify agile executives for you with a competence focus on strategy development, governance, revenue growth, cost efficiency, change management, team-oriented cooperation as well as technological affinity for the future viability of your company.

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The demand for healthcare services is growing rapidly worldwide. At the same time, the healthcare industry is facing historic challenges that are putting strong pressure on healthcare, pharmaceutical and medtech companies to change: patent expiry, the ageing population, the market entry of low-cost generic manufacturers, digital offers, new therapeutic approaches due to changing analytical methods and higher patient expectations in terms of service and quality.

These global trends require innovative business models and marketing strategies to ensure international competitiveness. In order to be able to use the transformation process effectively for oneself, a pronounced change mentality is required at the highest management level. We draw on a global network of first-class industry insiders with outstanding knowledge in the fields of science, medicine and technology. Our 360-degree consulting approach will take your business to the next level.

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The industrial sector is one of the main pillars of the German economy. For decades, listed large companies as well as hidden champions from this segment have made their contribution to securing jobs and general prosperity through technological progress and high quality. In order to be able to live up to this responsibility, it is no longer suffices to strategically choose or expand locations and structures. The decisive factor is the development and expansion of highly qualified, agile personnel. Even more: 

It's about personalities and securing their know-how, skills and innovative ideas to safeguard your company's goals. We find these personalities for you and make your company more durable and competitive. Our experienced consultants in the Industrial sector identify outstanding top managers and specialized experts for your management levels, for example for mechanical and plant engineering, electrical and automation engineering, and aerospace.

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Private Equity

The private equity market faces unique challenges that require unique personnel solutions at the top management level: smart managers, who understand the dynamic market, are strong in implementing, have the right mentality and seize opportunities as they arise. Only by optimising operational value levers can investors' high return expectations be met.

Successful restructuring with simultaneous risk control requires expertise at various levels of the portfolio companies. We know the key players in the private capital markets, have an extensive global network and maintain an intensive exchange with companies and service providers. In addition to executive search, we offer a broad range of solutions in the field of HR consulting on topics such as executive development and management audits.

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Professional Services

The demand for internationally operating service providers is increasing rapidly, not least in the wake of globalisation and digitalisation. More and more industries are recognising the great potential in outsourcing generic services, such as in the areas of supply chain, engineering or quality management. This attractive growth market brings  not only opportunities but also challenges for the upper management levels of service organizations.

In addition to existing factors such as high competition, flexibility and process volumes, consolidation, privatisation and deregulation require agile change processes. We offer the right HR solutions at executive level to successfully master these strategic as well as operational challenges.

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Public Sector

Public institutions are currently facing similar challenges as many private companies: They are relying more and more on new technologies and big data in order to meet the pressure to increase efficiency and the rising expectations of customers and politics. At the same time, the public sector is in the focus of public opinion and has to deal with bureaucratic hurdles and legal requirements.

Accordingly, managers are confronted with new questions in this tense environment: How can digitalisation be used to make services more efficient and transparent? How must leadership change amidst new ways of digital working? As a boutique HR consultancy, we work hand in hand with organizations and representatives of the public sector and implement the objectives in terms of system of values through custom-fit HR solutions.

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Megatrends such as globalisation, digitalisation and technological change not only require a tolerant culture of change, but also force organisations worldwide to realign their business. Not least in the current unstable economic times, restructuring measures play an immensely important role in securing the liquidity and existence of start-ups, medium-sized companies and corporations. We understand change as an integral part of corporate culture. It is decisively shaped, exemplified and carried into the company by excellent managers. Never before has holistic crisis management been as crucial to success as it is in these times.

As an internationally active boutique HR consultancy, we offer our clients' senior management a 360-degree solution portfolio of executive search, interim management, HR consulting and non-executive directors. We identify opportunities in restructuring that will take your company and your employees to the next level and generate future stability.

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Digitalisation is considered as a constructive disruptor: it enables completely new business models and changes existing value creation. Start-ups grow rapidly and become serious competitors within a very short time. This development creates unprecedented opportunities to technologically revolutionize existing products and services. To stay competitive, you need digital heroes: visionaries as well as strategists, who recognize trends and develop disruptive business models to secure competitive advantages and market shares.

As a globally active boutique recruitment consultancy, we have understood this trend! We find you passionate leaders and exceptional trendsetters, who are on fire for your topic and actively implement your digital agenda. 

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