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  • Fourfold power in interim management for our Düsseldorf location!

    Until now, our Düsseldorf office has specialized in executive search. Now we also offer outstanding interim management there, strengthening our commitment to excellence and maximum client satisfaction. Four new, highly qualified colleagues have joined our interim management team, bringing a breath of fresh air to our local services.

  • Great Place to Work 2023!

    division one is among the best employers in Germany and won the "Great Place to Work 2023" award.

  • This was the DDIM in Stuttgart!

    On 16.05.2023 this year's DDIM.regional took place in the beautiful ambience of Solitude Castle in Stuttgart.

  • Another Handelsblatt Award for 2023

    division one has delivered an excellent performance and has once again been included in the prestigious list of TOP 40 HR consultancies for the year 2023!

  • Dilemma in generational change - traditional values vs. digital world?

    How can traditional values be combined with the digital world without selling the "soul of the company"? Many owners of family-run businesses are currently facing this challenge. These decision-makers, most of whom belong to the post-war generation, are in the process of preparing for the generational change and are faced with an essential area of tension: How do I transport digitalisation with the associated values of modern leadership into my tradition-rich company? HR consultants like Nicolaus von Heyden-Linden act as important sparring partners in this process.


  • Leadership 2025 - what will change in the future due to digitalisation and co.

    The world is going digital. This is rapidly changing society, the economy and not least the leadership culture. Leaders are challenged to reinvent themselves and to develop and deepen competencies that were previously considered positive accessories at best. We will give you an outlook on the challenges posed by the current developments and the leadership culture that is best suited to meet them.


    division one, one of the leading personnel consultancies for executive search and interim management in Germany, watches the technological evolution carefully and intensively tests digital tools during recruitment. The experts are convinced that particularly filling positions on the top level will stay a people business. Christoph Stichel, managing director of division one, talks about the potential of these tools, and explains at what point in executive search their application makes sense.

  • headhunter

    Those who resign are traitors

    Those who resign are traitors. This attitude still prevails in some companies and targets employees who quit their jobs. The reasons for splitting up, however, usually differ a lot …

    Once an experienced employee resigns, an executive or a partner generally steps in to gain detailed insights into the reasons for the resignation. “In our company, there is no special program for this,” BMW manager Jela Götting says. Björn Knothe, personnel consultant and CEO of division one, explains such resignations as follows: “A connection usually exists via social networks such as Xing or Linked-In.” However, if the exit management, a term used by personnel specialists to refer to contact management, is professionally conducted during the resignation process, chances of a later continuation of the cooperation with a former employer rise. Especially during times of near full employment, the necessity to lure deserved employees back to the company after several years may arise. “If the farewell was altogether pleasant, the chances for this are certainly increased,” Knothe says.

    Source: F.A.Z. / 11.07.2017/ "Offene Türen für Rückkehrer" von Oliver Schmale)

  • top 10 executive search firms

    WE belong to the top 10 of leading executive search consulting firms

    division one ranks among the top 10 of leading executive search consulting firms in Germany. This is what the news magazine FOCUS found out in a poll conducted with the social network Xing as well as the company Statista among 1.300 HR executives of German companies. division one has already been elected into FOCUS-Business’ TOP list for the fourth time in a row.

    Only those companies were added to the selection of top executive search consulting firms which achieved exceptional customer ratings in the following categories: quality of candidate selection, service quality and price-performance ratio. This selection shows that we are on the right track with our approach and commitment to highest quality in national and international mandates. This award spurs us on to consistently improving our services for you in the years to come.



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